God of the thunder became ill.

雷様の病気 についてのコメント&レビュー投稿
昔、下野の国の粕尾(かすお)に天下に名高い智玄和尚(ちげんおしょう)という医者がいた。 ある夏の日の昼下がり、和尚が弟子と歩いていると、にわかに空が掻き曇り、大粒の雨が...…全文を見る

God of the thunder became ill.

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God of the thunder became ill.

A broadcast time: 0355-A
airdate: August 21, 1982 (August 21, 1982)
Direction: Tameo Kohanawa
literary arts: Isao Okishima
art: Kuniko Nishimura
drawing: Yoko Tsukada

Narration Fujio Tokita
Source Tochigi
Collection of DVD information DVD-BOX twelfth (DVD Vol. 56)
About a place Jorakuji temple Kasuo district of Tochigi(瑠璃光山蓮照常楽寺)

Once upon a time .A doctor called "•Chigenn Nakano"In the place called Kasuo of Tochigi .

When a doctor walked with a pupil in the early afternoon of a certain summer day, large drop of rain has begun to fall.

The doctor returned to the temple in a great hurry.

The doctor had eturned to the temple.He was listeningto thunder.

He said “Oh, no! This thunder gets sick”.

Surprisingly, the doctor only heard thunder and understands it to the condition of the thunder-like body.

When a doctor slept in the evening, thunder visited a doctor.

The thunder said "you say, I am ill for these past several days .Therefore I want to ask for you treatment of the skilled physician. .”

The doctor cauterized thunder-like buttocks and stomach with moxa.

It was thunder to rush wildly in for heat of the excessive moxibustion, but if moxibustion was over, one's body lightened, and the disease was completely cured.

It was thunder pleased with, but worried how much a medical bill was demanded.

The doctor said "I do not need the money. On the other hand, there is that I want you to make you. “
There are my two wishes.

One do not cast thunder to here Kasuo in future.

The second move a flow of the Kasuo River having a flood at every heavy rain to the mountain side.

The thunder heard some wishes of the doctor "distribute the charm of magic words against lightning to houses from a temple, do not drop thunder there. And, please plant the tree of honey locust in the place wanting you to move the river. “So said the thunder like that and returned to the sky.

Therefore the doctor distributed the charm of magic words against lightning from a temple and put the tree of honey locust with the person of the village.

Then it continued to rain in seven evening on 7th from the day.

When rain stopped on the seventh day, the Kasuo River dried up and changed a flow beside the tree of the honey locust of the mountain side.

Thunder fulfiled the promise with the doctor.

Then a thing, the village of Kasuo are that it became without the damage of the thunderbolt without being troubled by a flood.

in traditional chinese medicine, a type of heat therapy in which an herb is burned on or above the skin to warm and stimulate an acupuncture point or affected area.


deciduous trees: honey locusts
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